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My name is Lauren Cupp, proud owner and builder for LMC Custom Homes.  

For over 10 years, I’ve worked hard to become one of the finest, true custom home builders in Ellis County and the surrounding areas.  Specializing in new home construction, remodel, and design consulting services, I’m here to make building your dream home a reality. 

My journey started as a young girl when I would tag along with my dad to his jobs as a maintenance man who later became a home builder.  I spent many years with him on the job learning traits. At the age of 20, I started looking to buy my own house but the problem was every house I looked at had tiny bedrooms, low ceilings, lots of wasted square footage, closed concepts and gave the feeling of a ‘cookie cutter’ house.  As a result, I grabbed a pen and paper to draw my dream house floorplan and decided I would build my own home exactly as I wanted it.  

Once the home was completed, I received so much favorable feedback that I had a light bulb moment. I realized that I was not the only person that wanted a way to be able to build my dream house without being locked down to the floor plans and builders that were creating those cookie cutter houses. Others wanted the ability to dream up their own home with their own vision and truly customize it so I decided to start building homes for them.  I quickly realized this was my passion and it has helped me to become one of the only female custom home builders in Ellis County.


How We Work

Truly Custom Homes

My passion is providing clients a personalized, one-on-one experience starting from the ground up.  Whether it’s choosing an existing floorplan or building one from scratch, I’ll partner with you on day 1 to understand your vision so we can develop a custom floorplan to deliver your dream home.


I believe in honest, open, and transparent communication throughout the entire build process to ensure each client understands the process, and more importantly has realistic expectations for what to expect. 

Attention to Detail

I’ll pay extremely close attention to detail as I’m personally on the job site every day working with contractors, and take pride in treating the construction or remodel of every home as though it were my own.  

Customer Satisfaction

Client satisfaction through transparent communication is one of my top priorities and I’ll do everything I can to make your dream home come to life.

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